How to Talk To a Newspaper Reporter

No matter how professional you are, you need to be extremely careful and confident when you are talking to a newspaper reporter. Understand that speaking too much can make things difficult for you as the story may be misinterpreted in the wrong way by the people who will be publishing it in the newspaper. Always be precise and diplomatic when you give your views as it is very important when you are talking to a person from the press. Another thing that is vital is confidence. You must be extremely confident while talking as it speaks a lot of your personality.


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    Show some attitude

    You must have great confidence when you are talking to a newspaper reporter. This will help in creating a good impression. Make sure you show some positive attitude to the reporter so that you cannot be manipulated in any way.

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    Be careful

    You must be extremely careful while talking to an interviewer as every word counts. Every sentence that you speak will be noted and a different meaning can be taken from the conversation which is why you must be attentive while speaking. Avoid speaking anything that may put you in difficulty in the future.

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    Be precise

    You must be precise when giving the answers to the reporter. The answers should be short and to the point. You do not need to give all the details in reply as too much information is also not good.

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    Request the reporter for a correction if required

    Make sure you correct yourself if you make any mistake when giving the answers to the reporter. Whenever you feel that your conversation may be taken in a wrong way, ask the newspaper reporter to correct the mistake at once. The main reason for this is that the quotes pass through many hands in the press and they may be misinterpreted during the process.

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    Be diplomatic

    You must speak your mind but do not offer too much to the reporter. This may put you in hot water in the future. Try to be diplomatic in reply to questions that may ask for too much information.

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