Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals in World

Everyone talks about the best celebrities around the globe, but one must also be aware of the most wanted criminals in the world. They are also a part of our society and might be living somewhere around you. Always remained informed and if you find/suspect them in the surroundings, never hesitate to tip the concerned authorities in your country.

In this article, details of ten most wanted fugitives has been provided. If you suspect anyone, don’t wait and inform the local authorities.


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    10. Edwin Earnest

    Although not too old, Edwin Earnest was involved in a murder case and is being searched by the FBI for this serious crime. He was born in the United States and worked as a manual labourer. The La Mara Salvatrucha gang linked murderer has been underground for quite some time, but anyone who finds information about him will be awarded $1, 00,000.

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    9. Fidel Urbina

    Born in Mexico, Fidel Urbina is wanted for many cases of murder, rape and sexual assault. It is suspected that he lives in Durango; the person who finds any information about him will be given $1, 00,000.

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    8. Eric Justin Toth

    The American born teacher looks quite innocent, but he is wanted for possessing child pornography. He is a threat to children and is known to be a very good liar. There is a price of $1, 00,000 on him.

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    Semion Mogilevich

    The Russian born businessman is involved in numerous frauds and is also wanted for involvement in prostitution business. He had been jailed for four years, but is now hidden somewhere. The price for information about him is $1, 00,000.

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    Eduardo Ravelo

    An award of $1, 00,000 will be given to the person, who has some information about this drug dealer. The records suggest that he has got a plastic surgery and also got his fingerprints changed in order to keep his identity hidden.

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    Jason Derek Brown

    Charged with murder and robbery, Jason Brown is also on the list of most wanted criminals. He has a price of $1, 00,000 on him.

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    Alexis Flores

    This man is wanted for kidnapping and murdering a five-year-old girl. Moreover, he is considered as extremely dangerous for carrying arms. There is a reward of $1, 00,000 on him.

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    Robert William Fisher

    After murdering his wife and two children, Robert Fisher burnt his house and escaped. The one who catches him will be rewarded $1, 00,000.

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    Glen Stewart Godwin

    Charged with numerous murder and drug trafficking cases, Glen Godwin is one of the most wanted criminals at present. He was caught in 1987, but escaped four years later after killing his mate inside the prison. He has also got a price of $1, 00,000 on him.

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    Victor Manuel Gerena

    Charged with numerous crimes including bank heist, armed robbery and links with terrorist groups, Victor Gerena is right on top of the most wanted criminals in the world. He is suspected to be living in Cuba these days and there is a price of one million dollars on him.

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