Top 10 Reasons to Date a Soccer Player

Soccer players are among the most popular athletes in the world and thousands of women would love to date one. Not only are they good looking and physically fit, they also have a lot of wealth, which is certainly something a woman would desire. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to date a soccer player, it is unlikely that you will let it pass. However, if you still need to make up your mind, consider the following reasons.


  • 1


    Soccer players are very rich, as their weekly salaries are around $100,000. Even if they are just sitting on the bench in a game, they will receive lots of money. Besides this, they earn through advertisements and sponsors. If you date one, you can get anything you desire.

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    Soccer players are athletic, which means they are physically attractive to women. They have a better diet, eat on time, eat healthy, work out, and thus are in great shape. Furthermore, they have a better and stronger body, as compared to regular guys.

  • 3


    Soccer players are very talented. They have great agility, excellent scoring skills, and are good at defending or attacking. Women love men who are talented and poses remarkable abilities.

  • 4


    Besides their weekly wages, soccer players have lots of sponsors. Through this, they receive lots of free products, get to try new products before others, and even get free passes and invitations to parties and concerts.

  • 5


    Soccer players have lots of energy in them. Dating a soccer player means that you can have lots of fun with them. This is because they are very passionate.

  • 6

    Travel around the world

    If you like to visit new places or travel around the world, you should definitely date a soccer player. This is because soccer players get to play in different countries. They have tours around the world and this means you can see different places and explore different countries.

  • 7

    Get the spotlight

    If you want fame or wish to be in the spotlight, you can always date a soccer player. This is because soccer players are famous and if you become their girlfriend, you will be in the headlines as well.

  • 8


    Since soccer players are incredibly rich, it is likely that they will pamper you. They will get you everything you lay your hands on, and will make your dreams come true.

  • 9

    Make other jealous

    By dating a soccer player you can make others, especially your friends, extremely jealous. This is because you will become rich and famous. Furthermore you will probably receive special treatment from everyone.

  • 10

    Free tickets to soccer games

    If you love soccer or sports, dating a soccer player will get you free tickets and passes to big soccer games and events. You will get to watch every soccer game for free, and probably enjoy VIP treatment to boot.

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