How to Meet Johnny Depp

John Christopher Depp II, also known as Johnny Depp, is an extremely popular Hollywood actor, musician and film producer. He has won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor as well as well the Golden Globe Award. Johnny has worked in a number of blockbusters and has a massive fan following in almost all parts of the world. Apart from being a naturally gifted actor, Depp possesses a charming personality, which creates the urge among millions of his fans to meet him one day. Most Johnny Depp fans fail to fulfill their dream of meeting their favorite personality but if you are lucky enough, you can meet him by following the guidelines given below.


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    Go to a movie-premiere

    A movie-premiere gives you the best chance to meet your favorite Hollywood actor. You should try to arrange a pass for Johnny Depp’s next movie-premiere and be there well in advance to book a nice spot where you can shake hands and meet with the great actor. Some crazy fans reach the premiere about 12 hours in advance as it helps them get close to the red carpet and find a good spot. Johnny does take some time out for his fans during a premiere, so if you work hard and fortune favors you, you can meet him there. 

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    Write a request to Johnny’s agent

    Another step to meet or communicate with Johnny is to write a kind request to his agent. Request the agent to make him meet you during a shooting or in a movie-premiere. Simultaneously, you should ask for Johnny’s autograph or a signed photograph. Many people have used this technique successfully in past. You will have to wait for a few months for a response, but chances are high that you will at least get Johnny’s autograph.

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    Visit Hollywood

    If you are really keen to meet Johnny, you should take some time out of your busy routine and visit Hollywood. However, before you go there, you must check if Johnny is involved in any shooting. Your chances of meeting Depp are quite high in Hollywood. 

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    Use Twitter or Facebook

    Almost every Hollywood actor or actress uses social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with their fans. Follow Johnny’s Twitter and Facebook account and send him requests for a brief meeting. If you are nice and persistent, you may get the opportunity to meet him one day. 

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