How to Become an Elvis Impersonator

Despite all the fun poked at Elvis impersonators you see in Las Vegas, people often get amazed to see that performers impersonating Elvis Presley can earn a lot of money on a weekly basis and that is just for a regular performance. If you are also looking to become an Elvis impersonator, you should know that the competition in this field is pretty tough, as the places you will be showing your performance at are usually crammed with dozens of other Elvis impersonators.

If you have a real knack for copying other peoples’ style, attitude, voice, dress sense and sense of humour, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful Elvis impersonator.

Things Required:

– Vocal Training
– Elvis Music
– Jumpsuit with sequins
– Black Jumpsuit
– Peacock Suit
– Aloha Jumpsuit


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    Decide what kind of performer you intend to become. You have several options at your disposal, such as full or part time performer, recreational or a regular performer at theatres, parks, casinos, corporate events, cruises and any other place dedicated to entertainment. Be mindful that not all the categories of Elvis impersonation are equally rewarding. Being a full time professional, which demands a lot of devotion and years of practice, can provide plenty of opportunities for you to make huge sums of money. But if you are already engaged in a job or education, you can give part time profession a try. Another option is to become a recreational performer. You won’t have to put too much effort into trying to sound and look like Elvis, as you can have a chance to perform at carnivals and local fairs, helping to earn some extra money.

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    Hone your singing skills and copy Elvis’s tone. Copying Elvis’s tone may seem like a horrible experience at first (if you are doing it for the first time ever), but listening to his songs will soon make you familiar with his voice, tone, pitch and vocal skills. Listen to songs like Stranger in My Own Home Town and Hound Dog and keep practicing it in front of a gathering, small parties and even when you are alone. You may want to get some vocal training (especially operatic one) at a music institute.

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    Dress like Elvis. Get an Elvis costume and a jumpsuit full of sequins. Elvis’s dress sense was typical and imitating it is not hard. You can buy Elvis gears online. Being a professional performer, you will want to wear different outfits like black jumpsuit which Elvis used to wear in his early years. Peacock Suit and Aloha Jumpsuit should also be on the list of your wardrobe.

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