How to Manage Public Relations

Public Relations is the practice for organizations to maintain their image and reputation, along with communicating their message to the general public in order to mould their opinion and impact the decision making process. The process allows businesses to establish a mutual understanding between their customers, and answer any queries which may arise during a crisis.

It is a way for companies to tell their side of the story to their clients, regarding how the business is running and will shape in the future. The Public Relation officer will perform a thorough research and communicate the findings to the investors.


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    Crisis situation

    More often than not, public relations come in handy in a crisis situation, where the practitioner is usually relied upon to solve the problem. He or she will need to have strong crisis management skills to handle the situation, and will not only need to safeguard the interest of the company but further ensure that the rights of workers are protected. For instance, if the company has reportedly done bad business in a particular year, and decides to lay off its employees, it is the work of the officer to shed positivity by balancing the blame on the economy, and the organization to an extent. The media is quick to gauge whether the practitioner is nervous in the response or feels comfortable with certain questions. If you are unaware of some of the facts, clearly state that the investigation is going on, and the results will be revealed later.

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    Identifying potential risks

    It is the work of the public relations officer to ensure that he or she has a contingency plan under all circumstances. While having the power of decision making is necessary in public relations, it is exercising that power effectively under pressure situations which is an essential characteristic of a practitioner. Resolving internal and external disputes with clarity and identifying potential opportunities for your organization will be required.

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    Social Media

    Social media has become a great resource for companies to manage public relations. Facebook, Twitter and blogs are at the centre of it, providing a platform for businesses to effectively market their brand or service. This will be the work of the PR professional to keep everyone updated by maintaining a strong social media presence.

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    Public events

    The PR officer is also the brand ambassador of the company, and will have his or her own public presence. Going to charitable events, or holding one on behalf of the company will be a norm, as his actions will represent the values of the company.

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