Top 10 Reasons why Astrologers are Fake

Anything that has to do with connecting to other realms, talking to the dead and trying to see what has not yet happened is supposedly done through astrology. Since there is no definite way to prove whether the things that astrologers say are true or fake, most encounters have left people to believe that is most probably made up. There are many different reasons why astrologers are fake and if you even ask the people who have gone to test a couple out, that will probably only add to this list even further.


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    Everything we have come to believe now is due to the ability of science being able to prove it. Up until now, science has not been able to provide us with an concrete evidence as to what astrologers are saying is actually true or not, along with the different methods they use as well.

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    Going to different astrologers is sure to leave you confused since not a single one will use the same methods or even say the same things as another astrologer would on a normal basis.


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    There is no one specific method that all astrologers use to determine what may happen in the future or how a person’s life will turn out to be, making it all the more confusing.

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    Position of Stars

    Astrologers claim that the methods they use are thousands of years old and the position of the stars is what they mainly use. But since then, the positions of the stars has changed a lot and are not the same in any way.

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    Basic Origins

    What makes astrology even more confusing is the fact that there is no concrete agreement on what the origins of this technique are and every story is remembered orally without written proof.

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    There are different views from each astrologer on how a horoscope will affect a person and their behaviour. There is no certainty and what is being said is normally vague and may be applied to everyone reading.

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    After reading a book on astrology, it becomes quite clear that the author has no idea on what he or she is discussing.

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    Media has become a platform for many astrologers to make people a fool and make a whole lot of money doing it.

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    All experiments done throughout history in relation to astrology have gone against it and none for it.

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    Pretend to be somebody different with a different sign, it is guaranteed that the astrologer cannot detect such a major fib.


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