How to Get a Copyright for Literature

Copyrighting is highly important whenever there is creativity and uniqueness involved because somewhere out there, there is always someone looking to copy anything they can get their hands on and not having your work legally protected will only hurt you in the end.

Literature, like anything else, required hard work and dedication to turn words into a lyrical masterpiece. For some, one piece of literature can take a few hours or minutes, while others spend months and years perfecting it to print and ultimately, sell it to the world. In order to do that safely, get a copyright for your literature.


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    U.S. Copyright Website

    Luckily, finding out information about how to copyright literature is not a daunting task in the United States and in most parts of the world. Simply logon to the U.S. Copyright Office website at and go through all the information or the parts you need to specifically look at.

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    Apply Online

    Reading the necessary information on the website is the first step. The next is to actually begin the process of applying to get a copyright for literature. Go into the forms page of the website and check whether your work of literature meets their specific requirements or not. Not all pieces of literature are accepted by the U.S. Copyright Office and you will have to make sure yours is on the list to save from any hassle in the future.

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    Fill Form and Print

    Filling out the form is probably the easiest part since it is pretty self-explanatory. The most information you will need to fill is name, address, business and such pieces of information that would be necessary to grant you a copyright for your work. After doing that, make sure to print out a copy of the completed form; you can also print out a second to keep as a record with you.

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    Send Out

    When done with the form, attach it with your literary work. Make sure that there is nothing missing from your piece of work, or else it could slow down the procedure and create unnecessary problems.

    Prone to change, a fee of $50 is required. This is done by attaching a check of $50 to “Register of Copyrights”. After that, send a copy of your work, with the filled out form and check in a suitable envelope and mail to the address which will be mentioned on the website.

    You will then be officially notified by the U.S. Copyright Office that your request is in process.

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