Ways To Get a Degree in Experiential Education

In experiential education, the students learn things from their experience rather than studying them from the textbooks or indoor presentations. Therefore, we can say that it is quite opposite to the conventional education.

After getting experiential education, you can pursue many careers which can mainly include counselling at a summer camp and outdoor leadership roles. There are many schools which offer experiential education programmes.

If you are planning to get experiential education, the following steps contain information about some of the renowned schools which offer degrees in it.

Simply scroll down and find out about all the ways through which you can get a degree in experiential education. It is definitely a diverse degree and not everyone is doing it. Therefore, once you are able to graduate in this degree, you will most likely get a job.


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    Idaho State University

    Idaho State University offers bachelor and master degree in experiential education. It is one of the most famous institutes to get the outdoor education as it is nearer to the Wasatch Mountains, Yellowstone National Park and the City of Rocks where different tasks can be carried out easily. Besides, the university also offers extreme sporting courses which mainly include rock climbing and kayaking.

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    Minnesota State University

    Minnesota State University, Mankato is one of the most famous universities, which offers a Master of Science degree in the field of experiential education. The programme encourages the adventure education and provides great learning experience to the students. After completing the programme, you can pursue your career in administrative or psychological work, formal classroom teaching and outdoor activities. In addition, the university also runs a bachelor’s programme in experiential education in which the focus is to improve the analytical skills of the students through practical learning.

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    Brevard College

    Brevard College offers degrees in experiential education and wilderness leadership. Mostly, the students enrol themselves in both the programmes so as to get the best outdoor education. The college emphasises the students to take particular responsibilities during the programmes in order to enhance their leadership skills. Moreover, the focus is on getting both theoretical as well as the practical education in order to improve the thinking abilities of the students and to teach them how to cope with the tough situations.

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    Prescott College

    Prescott College provides some of the very adventurous experiential education programmes. The number of students in the classes is quite small which allows everyone to have a better interaction with the teachers. Both theoretical and outdoor courses are offered by the university and the students get a chance to learn by example which is one of the most amazing things in the experiential education.

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