How to Get a Fantastic Skating Experience

There is little arguing to the statement that any mobile sport can develop positive qualities, firmness, determination and physical strength. In addition, sports can keep you in good physical shape, which is very important nowadays.

Skating is not only an excellent option to pass your time but an escape route from the daily hectic life. But to learn this act, one needs to be patient and prepared to be hurt as you may find it very hard to keep your balance initially. And when you learn how to do so, you will understand that it was worth the experience.


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    If you want to have a delightful experience of skating, you just need to practice as much as possible. For this purpose, you can use any rink. Rollers are convenient because you do not need to buy skates, you can always hire them.

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    Learn how to transfer your weight from one foot to the other, and in time to flex your feet before you go out on the ice. Put your hands behind your back and press them tightly to the body, knees and feet together. It will lessen the chances of falling.

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    To learn how to slow down, bend your knees and slightly bend your body forward. Your feet should be at a distance of 45 cm from each other. Try to tilt the body forward when you want to increase the momentum. Try to slide on the ice but do not try to run. 

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    The basic elements of skating are all the arcs. To perform a forward arc on the outer edge, it is necessary to put your feet in the forward position and transfer your body weight on the forward leg. Next you need to move the center of mass in the direction of motion of the arc and deploy the shoulder belt in the direction of the bending arc.

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