How to Get a Job as a Camera Operator

Working as a camera operator at an organization or a TV channel can be pretty exciting and rewarding, but things get a bit difficult when it comes to finding work in an intense competition and unstable economy. However, there are always ways around a situation and even if you are a novice wishing to start a career as a camera operator, you can do many things in this regard and achieve your goal. The most important thing that will make a difference and help you find a job at a well-known organization is your networking. If your social circle is big enough, you won’t have trouble getting a dream job.  


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    Get education and certifications. Although your academic progress will be largely irrelevant once you find work at some organization as a camera operator, but having good qualification background will help you get your foot in the door for a job interview. Most of the employers, media houses and TV channels require the candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you can enroll in related courses like film making and photography, you can boost your chances of getting a much more stable job.   

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    Work as an internee while you are getting education. You cannot wait until you complete your education and then start looking for a job; you need hands-on experience before you make yourself eligible for a well-known organization or a TV channel. The best way to get experience is to work as an internee at a media house or organization. Since media and other advertising companies usually work on a large scale, interning for them will add value to your profile and resume and your chances of getting a job will get better.

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    Expand networking because socializing with more and more people will help you link with several employers. People associated with photography, advertising agencies, media (both print and electronic) and film industry can be of great help.

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    Gain technical expertise. Cameramen are supposed to know technical side of video and film making, and the only thing which will make you stand out among your competitors. Work with a professional camera man and learn all the skills that make a good professional. If you cannot find someone who can assist you in learning technical issues of camera and video making, you can enroll in short courses, which will not only build up your resume, but will also help you get in touch with professionals.

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