How to Get a Job in SEO Marketing

SEO stands for search engine optimization; it is a method of increasing traffic on your webpage with the aim of getting a higher ranking in the search engine organic lists.

Organic list is the natural or free list generated by the search engine, in which websites cannot attract more traffic by paying money. In order to increase ratings on these free lists, experts use the data from the search engine portal to make sure that their web page has more chance of getting searched.

SEO is an internet market strategy which includes the study of what people search on the World Wide Web, what keywords they use, and what combinations of words produce the critical impact.

Search engine optimization includes not only editing the content on the website to make it more search friendly; but also involves a bit of coding, and increasing the number of back links to the website.

As a search engine optimization professional you must be well versed in web design, scripts, interface of the World Wide Web, internet marketing and promotion strategies. You must also possess decent programming skills and also take short courses on internet marketing to develop a grip on the search engine preferences.


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    Get enroled in a reputable college to earn a degree in Internet marketing. Try to maintain as high a GPA (Grade point average) as you can as it will help you in getting a better job. Attend workshops related to internet marketing to get acquainted with search engine optimization.

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    You can also complete a bachelor’s degree in software Engineering and later switch to the SEO side by completing a masters degree in Internet marketing. This will increase your value in the job market, but it will take much more hard work and about 2 extra years of your life.

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    Apply for SEO internet marketing intern in any reputable firm; this hands-on experience will help you a lot at the start of your professional career. It does not matter whether it is a paid or an unpaid internship, do it anyway.

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    After the completion of your internship, make a stand out resume and apply for SEO jobs in companies. Give special emphasis to your analytical, programming and internet marketing skills in your resume. Always write a professional cover letter with each application as it will improve your chances of getting a job.

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