How to Get an 800 Number for Business

Businesses in current times understand that it is very important to facilitate their clients in addition to attracting newer customers as well. They now design new products, and even the ways in which these are made available to the buyer are constantly being revamped.

One of the many perks that are offered to existing and potential clients are the 1-800 numbers. These are toll free numbers which are paid for by the businesses themselves. The clients can call from any part of the country and get the required information or place an order, whatever their purpose may be. It is not hard to get one, and any business can obtain one with little trouble.


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    Does your Business Need It?

    The first thing to do is to ascertain whether your business needs it or not. If you are in a business where the volume of calls is reasonably high and clients need to contact you on a frequent basis, it is not a bad idea especially if you anticipate that more business can be earned this way. Remember that the cost of the phone calls plus the salaries of the operators will be the added cost that you will need to bear along with the initial cost of equipment.

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    Local or Overseas Call Centre

    You also need to work out whether it is better to set up the call centre locally or to outsource it to a company overseas which is generally cheaper. This will greatly depend on the nature of your business and will dictate your requirements with the 1-800 service provider.

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    Select a Number

    Now you need to think out a number for your 1-800 line. You can select one randomly or you can think of one that either includes your business’s name or something that may help the clients connect with your business. Sometimes companies go for numbers that rhyme and are easier to remember. Do make sure that the desired number is available and not already taken.

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    Shop Around

    1-800 numbers are held by various telephone companies and no one company has a monopoly in this regard. Contact various companies and see what they have to offer in this regard. Do not be in a haste in this matter and check out all the various plans that are being offered to you. Find the one that offers the best service for the lowest price. Once you have seen the offers from the various options, make your call and get the number.

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