How to get an Internship at an Art Museum

There are many ways in which we can add value to our resume. A good degree from a reputable institution is one of them. Another way of getting a stronger resume is to have practical experience. The best way to have that is to do internships.

If you are looking to take a career in museums or just love art and want to be related to it, you can get an internship in one. It is not the hardest of tasks and one can do it by taking the right route.


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    Have a Passion

    Working at an art museum is not every one’s cup of tea and you must be passionate about the endeavour. This is the first thing that you should look into and ask if it is something that you are willing to do.

    You will probably be assigned the tougher jobs and there will be a lot of work that you are likely going to be performing. The stress on art will be less quite certainly. Internships are often thankless and you must be ready for that.

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    If you have a decent level of education that will certainly increase your chances of getting an internship at an art museum. If you are applying at a big museum, be sure that there will be a lot of other youngsters such as yourself who will be doing the same.

    If you have a decent degree or qualification or are studying in one, there is a greater chance that the museum will give you a chance to work with them.

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    Work for Free

    Most internships are not paid and the case is likely going to be the same at the museum. Not only will you be working long hours, it will be without monetary reward. Be certain that you can do without the money that you can otherwise make by doing a job somewhere else.

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    Be on the Look Out

    You will come across newspaper advertisements from various institutes who are offering internship programs. Be on the lookout for one from an art museum. It is best that you get an internship in a well known museum but a smaller, less known one should do well too.

    Also there are programs that place you in internships. It is not a bad idea to get affiliated with one and keep art museums as a priority. These can be a big help as well.

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