How to Enjoy Art Museums in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is the best place if you are considering visiting an art museum there. One of the main cities in the Oregon State, Portland boasts several good art museums. If you have made up your mind, but still have not decided on a particular art gallery to visit, you should know that you have wide variety of art museums in the City that you can visit and squeeze the most out of your money and time.

In Portland museums, you can enjoy artworks ranging from paintings, fine art, prints, glass arts, photography, sculpture and visual art.  If you are already in Portland, all you have to do is choose one of the galleries.


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    Choose museums you will want to visit

    Since there are literally dozens of good art museums in Portland, deciding on one and make a visit is not easy. In order to narrow down the list of options available to you, you can categories the entire city and choose one or two in every area.

    In  east Portland, you can visit some of the most prominent galleries such as Nationale, 23 Sand Gallery, The Gallery Zero, Newspace Center for Photography, Redux, Sidestreet Gallery. In Downtown Portland, you have Augen Gallery, Attic Gallery, Shaffer Fine Art Gallery, and The Real Mother Goose. Similarly in the Pearl NW, you can visit Blackfish Gallery, Butters Gallery, Gallery 114, Lawrence Gallery, Augen Gallery, Annie Meyer Artwork Gallery and Bullseye Gallery.

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    Visit the websites of the galleries you plan to visit

    Once you have chosen the galleries or museums you will visit, you can then visit the websites of those galleries. Every art gallery and museum in Portland maintains their website, providing visitors with all the essential information.

    If you do not know the URL of the websites of the museums you have set your sights on, you can use Google search engine to locate their actual web address. Type the name of museums in Google search bar, and you will get the exact URL. Go the website and try to read as much details as you can before deciding on the date of the visit.

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    Portland art museums conduct exhibitions all year long. You can arrange you visit according to the schedule of upcoming exhibitions, giving yourself a chance to interact with people, experts, artists and visitors.

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    Permanent collection

    You can see permanent collection in each gallery you visit. Every museum has their permanent collections, in addition to different artworks put on display by artists.

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    Get visitor’s information

    Get key visitor’s information from the museums’ websites. Important information you can get include museum’s hours (opening and closing), tour charges, and directions.

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