How to Visit Art Museums in Amsterdam

If you are planning to visit museums and art galleries in Holland or the Netherlands, you should go straight to Amsterdam, as the city has plenty of historic art galleries and arts & cultural centers. However, most people wishing to visit Amsterdam for this particular purpose have no idea how to make their trip memorable and informative.

The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House are among the most prominent art museums in Amsterdam. There are many museums that typically require a form to be filled out before you book a visit. Thanks to the Internet, everything has been made so easy, and now one can search a museum of their choice and fill out an online form to make all the arrangements.


  • 1

    Search the Internet

    Search the internet for prominent museums in Amsterdam. You can use Google search engine to find some of the most visited museums in the city. A simple Google search should be able to get you a long list of museums in Amsterdam.

  • 2

    Select a museum of your choice

    Once you have got a list of museums in Amsterdam, you can then pick one you want to visit first. Most of the museums (at least popular ones) have their websites and all the details can be found there. Keep in mind that every museum has their own schedule of programs and exhibitions and charges. So, make your budget before you start out looking for a museum of your choice.

  • 3

    Fill out a simple online form

    After you have chosen a museum you have decided to visit, you can go to its website rather than walk up there and seek information. Most of the museums provide English versions of their websites. So, fill out a simple form on the site and book a visit. You can pay online for the ticket.

  • 4

    Paid access

    Being a first time visitor of museums in Amsterdam, you will most probably get an entrance through a ticket (an e-ticket in case of online form submission). Free access is usually given to those with membership cards or people associated with different exhibitions.

  • 5

    Note down the timing

    Know the opening and closing times of the museum. Because you will not be allowed inside the museum if you do not visit according to the schedule you have chosen in the form.

  • 6

    Hire a cab

    You can hire a cab to get to the museum. The location is mostly mentioned on museums’ websites.

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