How to Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

If you are on a trip to Cairo, Egypt, then you must know that you can have the opportunity to visit a museum that holds one of the best collections in the world. Yes, you can visit the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, which is one of the best museums in the world. You can find the permanent collection of Tutankhamun artefacts, along with  other priceless antiquities, in the museum. Golden Mask, which was found from boy king’s tomb, is one of the biggest attractions of the museum. Therefore, you should take some time out to visit the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, while you stay in the city.


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    You can reach the Egyptian Museum of Cairo by using the Cairo Metro system, which is the safest and efficient way to travel in the city. Moreover you can also take a cab, which you can find anywhere in the city.

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    You should keep one day reserved to have a look at the huge collection of artefacts at the King Tut section. The section is so huge and interesting that you will not want to visit any other section on the same day. Once you are finished with the King Tut collection, go home and rest. Visit the museum next morning and look for other sections.

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    If you have limited time, then you can go along with a guided tour, headed by a professional museum guide. They will show you the highlights of the museum in a couple of hours. Thereafter, if you find some more time, you can  you can look for different items of your interest yourself.

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    Do not forget to visit the mummy room, where you will find the remains of the pharaohs. You will have to pay extra if you plan to enter the mummy room.

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    You can also visit to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo during any festival, as it will allow you to enjoy many other things along with the permanent sections. If you are a fan of Arabic music, then you can time your visit during the Arabic Music Festival. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy latest movies, then you can visit the museum during the Cairo International Film Festival.

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    Cairo is one of the busiest cities in the world. Therefore, you should be well prepared for the bustle, especially when you visit the museum.

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