How to Visit a Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum is situated in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. It is considered as one of the most classic museums and was named after a famous American author, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder. There are many antiques, paintings and books which are being kept in the collection of the museum.

If you are an art lover and fond of antiques, you must visit the Wilder Museum at least for once in your lifetime. You can take help from the given steps to plan your visit to the museum in order to make it more memorable.


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    First of all, you must visit the official website of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum so as to get the essential information. You can get the information regarding entrance fee and timings of the museum from the website. In addition, you can also get the necessary details about the events which are going to be organised at the museum.

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    You should try to gather all your close friends and family members to make your trip unforgettable. If you are an art lover, you will absolutely find your trip to the Wilder Museum immensely interesting. Try your best to induce everyone to come along with you. However, if anyone can’t go because of any particular reason, you should not force him or her.

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    It is really important for you to prepare a budget which will include transportation cost, hotel and food expenses. Furthermore, you should keep your budget flexible to make a room for the unexpected expenses.

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    After preparing the budget, divide its total amount amongst all your friends who are planning to visit with you. You must divide the budget equally. Conversely, if anyone cannot afford his part, you must divide his share.

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    If you are living in Minnesota, you can go to the museum easily on a train or bus. In contrast, if you live in another state or country which is far away, you will have to take a flight to Minnesota first.

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