How to Plan a Visit to the Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is one of the most famous art museums around the globe. It is situated in Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. It has three main facilities which include its main museum in downtown Seattle, the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) in Volunteer Park and the Olympic Sculpture Park which is located on the central Seattle waterfront.

If you are an art lover, you should visit the SAM at least for once in your lifetime. You can take help from the given steps to plan your visit.


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    First of all, you must visit the official website of the art museum in order to get the general information about it. You can get the information about the entrance fee and timings of the art museums from the website. Moreover, you can also get details about various events which are going to be held at the museum.

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    You must try your best to gather all your friends and family members so as to make your trip more memorable. If you are an art lover, you will absolutely find your trip to SAM very interesting. Try your best to persuade everyone with you. But, if anyone cannot go with you because of any reason, you don’t have to force him.

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    It is very important for you to prepare a budget which will include all the major costs (transportation, hotel and food).  Besides, you must keep your budget flexible so as to make a room for the unpredictable expenses.

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    After preparing the budget, you have to divide its total amount amongst all the people who are planning to visit with you. However, if any of your friends cannot afford to go along, you will have to divide his share accordingly.

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    If you are living in Seattle, you can easily go to the art museum by taking a bus or train. On the other hand, if you live in another state or country, you will have to take a flight to Seattle first.

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