How to Open a Museum

A museum is a place which displays ancient artefacts or a collection of art for public viewing. Apart from just collecting stuff and putting them up for public view, the museum management is responsible for organizing lectures, guided tours and other special events for memorizing artefacts.

You should not be intimidated by world renowned museums when thinking of setting up a museum. You can open a museum with minimum of resources in any place.

You may open a formal museum, or you can start up with a small museum in your own home.


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    Define what you want:

    Write the description of your museum. The best way to go about this is to consult a questionnaire about opening up a new museum. It will have questions like “what type of museums are you creating?” “How large is the building, is it open and airy?”

    Make sure that your description answers all these questions, and write it in easy to understand English. Decide whether you want to set up the museum according to your personality taste. If the answer to this last question is negative, then find board members who have a different taste in art than you.

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    Community Meeting:

    It is a really important step in opening up a successful museum. Organize a meeting of all the community members and tell them about your plan of setting up a museum, also ask them what type of museum they want in their neighbourhood.

    At that stage, do not reveal your project drawings or describe the type of museum you have at the back of your mind.

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    Visit museums:

    Rule of the thumb says that you should visit about 20 museums before opening up your own. Make notes and take as many pictures as you can. Also find out how many people visit those particular museums in a given year. Learn about its operation costs, the dress code for staff, and its timings routine.

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    Meet Real Estate Developers:

    Set up meetings with the real estate developers in your area and explain your project to them. However, you should not make any accords with the real estate developers unless you have secured half of the capital for the project.

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    Raise money and build:

    Raise money for the project and after collecting more than half of the estimated costs, start the construction.

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