How To Find Museums That Will Buy Art

Some artists never get the chance to display their work in a gallery. For many it may be difficult to get their work recognized. Getting your work into a gallery is a moment of pride and honour for an artist. There is no exact rule that will get your work to a gallery sure shot. It is not necessary that your success is measured by getting into a gallery. Make sure that the art you are producing is of high quality. Follow these steps to get your art into a gallery.


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    The basic step is networking. Art community is not that large and that is a benefit to you. It means you do not have to travel a lot to interact with the appropriate people. You need to do some research, get to know about who dominates the art scene. Get acquainted with them but do not impose your work on them. Attend events, write on their blogs and help in promoting their events. Make sure your networking skills are strong. It is the people that get you to the top. Be friendly with them and don’t sound desperate and pushy. Try to act yourself and be nice to people. Enjoy the company of talented people and you will learn along the way. Another factor is the art school you attend. If you went to a reputed art school, you will have better contacts then those around you. When you will graduate, you will already be aware of art dealers, artists etc. Make full use of it.

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    The art world usually works on recommendations. The top art dealers and collectors usually make their final decisions on respectful recommendations. If your work is praise worthy and of high quality, it is likely that people will respect your work and recommend it to others. Art people like to maintain their reputation, so they will only promote your work if it is good enough. You will have to follow the agenda of the art dealer, so respect the people you are working with. So even if you are a good artist, but have no contacts, it is rare that you will reach great heights. Be sure that you can talk about your work in a logical way.

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    One last important thing is publicity. If your work is publicized, people will take note of it and you are more likely to be approached by dealers. So through advertising, socializing and tactful networking you can get your work to an art gallery.
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