How to Visit the American Craft Museum

If you want to have a look at a huge arts and crafts collection, then you should seriously think of visiting the American Craft Museum. The American Craft Museum not only showcases the arts and craft items to be viewed, but also offer them to be sold to the general public. Originally, the museum was formed in 1956, with the name of “Museum of Contemporary Crafts”. In 1986, it was relocated to 40 West 53rd Street, while changing its name to American Craft Museum. In 2002, the management of the museum decided to change its name to “Museum of Arts and Design”. The year 2008 witnessed the museum changing its location for the second time, as it moved to the 2 Columbus Circle.


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    You can schedule your visit to the Museum of Arts and Design on any day of the week, as it remains open seven days a week, except for the public holidays. Moreover, you can spend a lot of time there, as it remains open till 6:00 pm in the evening. You can confirm their timing from their website, before you plan your visit. The museum also holds different exhibits each month. Therefore, you can also check their monthly schedule, if they have something of your interest, to show in the near future.

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    You do not need to bring a lot of money, as the entrance fee is not too much. Moreover, if you have children younger than 12 years of age, then their entry will be free. Despite the fact that the museum is centrally air conditioned, you may need to change clothes of your children, especially when they will involve themselves in different fun activities. You can also take your camera with you, if you want to capture your visit to the museum. You can also take pictures of different arts and crafts items present in the museum.

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    Keep an eye on your children, as there will be a number of items present in the museum that can break if thrown on the ground. Therefore, remind your children to behave properly, when they go to any stall, which displays the items within their reach.

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    Whenever you go to a museum, your main aim should be learning about different things available. Therefore, you should carefully listen to the guide and convey it to  your children in a way that they can understand easily. It will enrich your, as well as your children’s knowledge.

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