How to Visit the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo

Are you planning to visit National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan), but do not know where to start and how to arrange a visit? Visiting any museum is easy and a great learning experience, but if you have no idea how to benefit from seeing different paintings,  galleries, sculptures and calligraphy, then the whole purpose of your visit will be meaningless.

If you want to make your visit to the National Museum of Modern Art worth remembering, and want it to be a great learning experience, then you need to follow some basic guidelines before you get to the museum.


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    Visit museum’s website

    Before you visit the museum, you should check the website for basic information. Finding the URL of the website is easy. Just write “National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo) in Google search bar, and you will get what you are looking for. Visit the website and read as much as you can. Since, every museum maintains a website, it is always wise to read the instructions and information about different exhibition and galleries.

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    Permanent Collection

    The National Museum of Modern Art has a rich collection of art and sculptures. You can visit different galleries that feature paintings, textiles, crafts (Japanese and of other countries), lacquer and ceramics. Permanent collections can be visited all year round, since they are the property of the museum. However, having a look at the website will help you make a mental note of which galleries you want to see.

    The collections also include the work of renowned Japanese artists. However, there are several collections of western art as well.

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    Craft Gallery

    You can take a tour to Craft Gallery that is near the main building of the museum. The gallery is graced by Japanese craft and design. Designs and crafts from other cultures and countries are also there to grab the visitor’s attention. In addition to it, if you are interested in research work, Craft Gallery is the right place for you, as it has a research library. You can visit it and also get a membership.

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    Special exhibitions

    The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo) holds several special exhibitions for its visitors from time to time. Since, these exhibitions are conducted for a limited period of time, you will need to book a visit in advance.

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    Get visitor information

    If you are coming from outside of Tokyo or Japan, getting visitor information is very important. Check the museum’s website and note location, directions, parking information, hours, admission fees and tours (unguided and guided).

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