How to Visit the Carnegie Museum of Art

If you are planning to visit the decades-old Carnegie Museum of Art, you should know how to make the most of this visit?

The Carnegie Museum of Art is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been around since 1895. If you love contemporary art, decorative art and photography, then this is just the right place for you.

But before you start trundling down to the Museum in your car, you will have to decide whether you want a guided tour or an unguided one.


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    If you want to take a guided tour:

    Guided tour will be suitable, if you are planning to visit with a group. First, you will need to choose a tour category. Some of the tours that may interest you include:

    The Treasures of Carnegie of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Art Highlights, Carnegie Museum of Natural History: 100 years in the Making, The Legacy of the Carnegie International, Cultures at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania Natural History, Natural History Safari and Carnegie Sampler: Introduction to the Art and Natural History.

    Guided tours at Carnegie Museum of Art require you to book a program (whatever you have chosen) and pay the charges at least a month in advance.

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    If you want to take an unguided tour:

    If you want to visit the Carnegie Museum of Art alone on your own, you’d better take an unguided tour. In the unguided visit category, you will have to choose the galleries and exhibition yourself. Check the Museum website for the schedule of exhibitions and different halls.

    You are supposed to pay the charges at least one week before the actual date of the visit you decided on.

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    Fill out online form

    You do not need to drive to the Museum office to book a tour of your choice, it can be done online. Visit the museum website (cmoa) and fill out a simple form to request a visit.

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    Wait for approval from Museum officials

    After submitting the online form, museum officials will get back to you via email or phone and confirm the visit.

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    Time to hit the road

    Travel down to the Forbes Avenue area of Pittsburgh by a bus or a cab. Carnegie Museum of Art is adjacent to Schenley Plaza and Lutheran University Center. Even if you are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time ever, a cab driver will able to take you to the Museum without any hassle or it can be accessed by any other public transportation, no matter which part of the city you start your journey.

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