How to Visit the American Folk Art Museum

The American folk art museum is dedicated to the promotion of exhibiting American folk art. It also includes the work of international artists as acknowledgment of diversity. The museum has a long history as it was established in 1963 and has seen decades of art. It has seen decades of It was previously housed in 53rd Street New York City and the premises were a sigh to behold despite the small size. However, due t0 financial problems, the museum had to shift to Lincoln Square, NY where it continues to hold exhibitions and display folk work. A visit to the American Folk Art museum is going to be fruitful activity because not only will you enjoy it but will also be enriched with the learning experience.


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    The museum is open at all days of the week. Tickets are available ta the front desk. The entry to the museum is free on Friday afternoon and does not require any tickets. The museum closes at 7 30 pm. It is going to take you an hour to browse through the entire collection. It can take longer if you make it a point to read every placard and description over the exhibits. Although the entry is free, you can consider making a small donation to the museum for maintenance.

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    Enjoy collection:

    The folk art museum hold wok of not only national artists but also international ones. The work at display is quite interesting and compels you to take  a full tour of the building once you are in. The exhibits keep changing so even if you have visited it once, you can always visit it again to find something new. Some of the sections your are definitely going to enjoy are:

    - Quilt art
    -  18th- and 19th-century paintings
    - Outsider art (including a collection of Henry Darger)
    - Sculptures Since it is a small place, you can experience it all within an hour. You can also take notes during the tour. Bringing kids along will introduce them to the richness of folk art.

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    Enjoy music at the museum:

    Each Friday afternoon after 5 30, the museum holds music events from a variety of artists. Since it is a Friday, the admission is free and you can enjoy two hours of good music without any cost. Wine is available for purchase on stalls inside the building to sip while you look at art and enjoy the music. However, even on Friday nights, the museum closes at 7 30.

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