Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World

We all know that museums are considered as very boring but if we care to visit them and see the historical objects, they are fascinating indeed. The armours, pictures, sculptures and every utensil has its own history. They had an owner who was very popular. By having a look around the museum we can relive the past. The past nations and civilisations can be brought back to life by reading about their history. The main reason why we find a few things about the old age civilisations is that we should learn that even we will suffer the same fate our elders did. There are many wonderful museums in the world that one should visit.


  • 1

    State hermitage museum

    This museum spreads into five buildings and consists of more 300,000 objects. It is located in saint peter burgs in Russia. It has masterpieces from Russian, French, English, Dutch, Spanish and German Art.

  • 2

    Le Louvre museum

    It is a very famous gallery and is one of the largest and most visited museums. It is situated in Paris, France and holds around 35000 objects and 537 paintings and 181 art objects.

  • 3

    The British museum

    The museum was made public in 1753 and has different sections for all kind of collections. The reading room is just immaculate and is a must visit if you like museums.

  • 4

    The Uffizi museum

    It is a well known ancient museum and consists of more than half of Italy’s art work. The building of the gallery was a palace created in 1560.

  • 5

    The Vatican museum

    It is situated in Vatican city and have a very significant historical value. It was founded by pope Julius 2 in the 16th century and has increased in size over the centuries.

  • 6

    Rijks museum

    It is also famous as the Dutch national museum, and has a number of antiques, arts and crafts and masterworks.

  • 7

    National archaeology museum of Athens

    The most impressive scientists, painters and philosophers originated from the Greek civilisation. It is the biggest museum in Greece.

  • 8

    Egyptian museum Cairo

    This museum contains all the things associated with the history of Egypt. It was inaugurated in 1902 and consists of 120,000 things. Moreover, it also has the biggest collection of paranoiac antiques.

  • 9

    Metropolitan museum of art

    It is also known as the MET and was created in 1870 and has Greek and Roman collection.

  • 10

    The Smithsonian museums

    It is a chain of 19 museums and galleries located in Washington and National mall.

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