How to Visit the Walters Art Museum

Visiting an art museum can both be entertaining and a great learning experience, and if you are obsessed by art, nothing can be better than visiting the Walters Art Museum.

If you have ever been to Mount Vernon Baltimore, Maryland, you must have heard about or seen the Walters Art Museum. Even if you have never heard of the Museum, let alone seen, you can still make the most from your trip to this place.

Having been around since 1934, the Walters Art Museum has shown the world what art is all about. If you have already reached Baltimore and made up your mind on visiting the place, keep in mind a couple of things to make this trip memorable.


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    Visit website

    Visit the website of the Walters Art Museum. If you do not know the URL of the website, check with Google by using the keyword in the search bar. You will get the URL. The website will give you plenty of information regarding timings of exhibitions, different art galleries and programs. These days, almost every museum has their website, which is designed to facilitate visitors before they make any arrangements or book a visit. So be sure to check the website out before you hit the road.

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    Permanent collection of artwork

    The Walters Arts Museum has a large artwork collection. Almost every form of art can be seen at the Museum, as it features ancient art, Islamic art, Asian art, medieval art, art of ancient Americans, Eighteenth and nineteenth-century art and renaissance and baroque art. Permanent collection is part of the Walters Art Museum, and you can go have a look at it anytime (according to the schedule).

    Before you finally decide to visit, you should search the website. Go to “Works of Art” tab at the top of the website’s homepage, and you will see literally hundreds of photos.

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    The Walters Art Museum conducts several exhibitions and programs on art and culture throughout the year. You can visit exhibitions of your choice. The website has made it easy to see what programs are coming ahead or being held currently. Open the website; click the “Exhibitions” tab on top of website’s page, and you will get information about current exhibitions, future exhibitions, past exhibitions and travelling exhibitions.

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    Get visitor information

    You should now have a look at visitor information. Go to the tab “Plan A visit” and note the museum’s location, directions, phone numbers, parking information, hours, admission fee (if any), and information about different tour (guided and unguided).

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