How to Visit the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston

Visiting museums is a great source of entertainment and education at the same time. You always get to see some marvels and know about them and often get astonished by the fine details you did not know previously. Some museums have general themes and offer things from numerous fields while others are more specific in nature and look to address certain field or fields.

If you are an art lover and live in the Boston area, visiting the Museum of fine arts may be a great idea for you. It is one of the biggest museums in the US which was founded in 1870 and has over 450000 pieces of art on display. The museum is open seven days a week.

For you to visit the museum, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you go so that you have a great trip with lots of education and fun.


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    Study about the Museum

    Studying about the museum is certainly not a must to do but if you do so, you will come to know about the pieces of art on display and you can probably get a chance to see some of your personal favourites as well. Knowing what to look for means that you will spend less time in areas that may be of less interest to you and not be surprised when you come across a master piece.

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    Know the Timings

    Although the museum is open seven days a week, you must know the timings before you go so that you don’t go there too early or too late. The museum opens at 10am every day and between Wednesday and Friday closes at 9.45pm. The remaining days of the week, it is closed at 4.45pm. It does close for some national holidays so make sure that you do not go when it is closed.

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    Have Some Money

    Since you are likely going to have a pretty long trip, have some money with you for the purpose of buying lunch and snacks. Also keep in mind that the entrance is not free and for people eighteen years old or more, it varies between $23 to $25 per person. Youth under the age of seventeen can get a free entry on specific times, though a standard ticket is $10 and kids under seven get a free entry every time.

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