How to Get Belize Tourist Visit Visa from London

Belize a beautiful landmark located at the north eastern coast of Central America; towards the north of Belize is Mexico and on its east is the Caribbean Sea. It’s a long way from the United Kingdom but Britons are in for treat if they make the voyage. Barrier reef located in the country is the largest of the western hemisphere with diverse underwater species. British tourists from London will enjoy the 7 marine reserve sites all designated as world heritage sites by UNESCO. Tourists also come here to watch underwater marine life including 70 types of hard corals, a vast variety of fish and beautiful dolphins and turtles. Londoners will not miss home once they see the dozens of national and private parks with fabulous vegetation and scenic views and the intimidating caves and marvelous historical and cultural sites in the country.

If you plan to take a break and visit this wonderful country, then go through the Step By Step guide on how to get a Belize tourist visa from London.

Visit: High Commission of Belize Website


  • 1

    British National

    British Citizens do not need a visa to enter Belize for a stay up to 30 days. However, all passports must be valid for additional 6-months period in addition to the intended stay in Belize.

    Other nationals

    Citizens of following nationals do not require a visa.

    a) Citizens of the European Union Member States (EU) and their dependent territories
    b) Citizens of the Caribbean Community Member States (CARICOM) with the exception of Haiti.
    c) Citizens of the United States of America and dependent territories.
    d) Citizens of Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Tunisia & Uruguay
    e) Citizens of the Commonwealth Realms & Monarchies, and their dependent territories.
    f)  Citizens of Switzerland
    g) Citizens of the Commonwealth Republics EXCLUDING Bangladesh, Nauru, Cameroon, Pakistan, Chad, Sri Lanka, India, Mozambique and West African Countries.

    Citizens of all other countries do require a visa for traveling to Belize.

  • 2

    Visa Requirements

    The following documents are required to get a visa for Belize.

    a) A valid passport

    b) One recent passport-sized photograph.

    c) Proof of Travel Arrangements including copies of tickets and /or confirmed Travel Itinerary.

    d) Proof of Accommodation:
    Copies of Confirmed Hotel Reservations or Full contact details of family and friends in Belize.

    e) Copies of most recent bank statements.

    f) Any other document may be required by the Embassy / Consulate of Belize.

    g) Visa fee in form of cash, bankdraft or postal order.

  • 3

    Applying for Visa

    You have to personally visit the Belize High Commission to apply for a visa. Please do call them up and confirm your visit before leaving.

  • 4

    Visa Processing time and Fee

    Visa processing time can be confirmed from the Belize High Commission. However, the non-refundable visa fee is mentioned below.

    a) For single entry the visa fee is GBP 60.
    b)For multiple entry the visa fee is GBP 110.

  • 5

    Collection Of visa

    You should visit the Belize High Commission office for the collection of Visa after visa processing is done by the High Commission.

  • 6

    Final Checklist before departing

    Make sure you have packed the following things in your luggage.

    a) All documents mentioned in step 2.

    b) Binoculars and flashlight

    c) Sunscreen, Sun lotion, lip balm or chap stick

    d) Insect / bug repellents

    e) Water bottle

    f) Complete information about your accommodation in Belize

    g) Maps of various areas of Belize

  • 7

    Tips and Precautions for tourists before visiting Belize

    The following precautions are suggested for a safe visit to Belize.

    a) You must check hurricane forecasts before departing

    b) Visit your physician to take appropriate vaccines

    c) Check with your insurance company about their travel insurance coverage

    d) Passport must be carried all the time (while traveling into the country)

    e) You won't be allowed to work in Belize on a tourist visa.

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