How To Get Building Materials Licences In London

Building material license, also referred as a skip license in some boroughs of London, is a temporary permit to allow someone to place skip or building material on a public highway or a parking bay. Skipping the building material without taking building material license in London is a crime which can end up in a fine of a huge amount of money, or can even put you behind bars. There are a number of ways to obtain the building materials license and all of them depend on the local council which will be responsible to handle your application. The step by step procedure to get a building materials license in London is described below.


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    Gather the contact details

    The first step is to gather contact details of the local borough council by visiting this page. Now you have the contact details of your local borough council. It is time to apply for the license.

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    How to apply

    You can apply for a building material or skip license in several ways including:

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    By fax:

    Visit the website of your local council and in the search box on homepage, type “building material license form”. Look for the appropriate form from the search results, download it, print it out and fill it according to the instructions provided with it. Fax the completed application form to the parking bay suspension team (fax number can be found in the contact details link provided above).

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    By Post:

    Complete the downloaded application form, fill it carefully and post it back to the parking services of your local borough council on the address provided in the contact details section of the local council’s website.

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    Apply in person:

    Complete the downloaded application form and take it with you to the reception of your local borough’s main office. They are open from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

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    Notice Period

    All of the boroughs of London operate a strict advance notice policy which is a minimum of 8 days. It will allow the local council to place the necessary signs around a parking bay to inform other road users.

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    Fees and payment methods

    There are two types of fees that are charged to the applicant; one is for the license that can cost you approximately from £40 to £65 depending on the local council, and the second fee is the parking bay suspension fee which is charged on a daily basis and it ranges from approximately £20 to £40 per day.

    You can pay the fees by a debit or credit card by filling the relevant payment section on the form, or you can pay in person by visiting the local council’s office.

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    Enforcement and checks

    Once your application is accepted, enforcement officers will visit the area regularly to keep a check on the skip to make sure that it is placed within the allowed premises. Once your license is expired, the skip has to be removed from the road to avoid paying extra fines.

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