How to Get Cambodia Tourist Visit Visa from London

UK established its diplomatic relations with Cambodia in 1975 when they recognized the Democratic Kampuchea. Earlier, the British government had a row with the Cambodian government due the violation of human rights. There were several ups and downs in their relations in the past, however, now the things have been settled to great extent. If you are planning to visit Cambodia and living in London, you need to follow a certain process the acquirement of tourist visa. The country has got several attractions for the visitors in this African state. Step by Step brings you the process of getting Cambodia tourist visa from London in an easy way:

Visit: The Royal Embassy of Cambodia


  • 1

    Application Form

    While you are looking to get the visit visa of any country, you are required to have application form in the very first step. The application form can acquired by two ways, you can collect it from in person by visiting the Embassy of Cambodia in London or it can be downloaded from their website. To download the Cambodian visit visa form now Click Here

  • 2

    Requirements for Visa

    a) A copy of your flight/cruise-ship itinerary details.
    b) A fresh photograph of applicant for each application.
    c) The passport should be valid for next four months from your return from Cambodia.

  • 3

    Visa Charges and conditions

    a) The visa charges for tourist purpose are £15.00 for per 30 days.
    b) These charges are for single entry in Cambodia.
    This kind of visa can be extended only for once.
    Every time you visit Cambodia, you have file new application.

  • 4

    How to submit fee and documents

    a) The fee of visa and documents can be submitted both in person and by mail.
    b) Cash (only in Sterling), Cheques and postal orders are accepted.
    c) If the fee is submitted by post, write your full name at the back of cheque and postal order.
    d) The fee should be made payable to “Royal Embassy of Cambodia” if you adopt the postal method.

    In case you submit the documents and fee via postal order, you will be required to provide an extra self-addressed envelope along with documents.
    The failure of returning the documents via postal orders is not the responsibility of Embassy.

    Here is the detail regarding the address of Cambodian Embassy:
    Visit: The Royal Embassy of Cambodia

  • 5

    Processing Time

    a) If you submit the application is person, it will take 5 working days for processing.
    b) If you have applied for visit visa via post, it will take 12 working days for processing.

  • 6

    How to receive the Visa

    you can receive the visa by the same channel you have applied for it.

  • 7

    Check List

    We often make some minor mistakes regarding the submission of documents which later on becomes a hurdle in getting the visa within described period of the embassy. Sometimes the documents are returned due to in-completed information. It is suggested to recheck your document list before submitting. Recheck process includes, application has been filled properly, photographs have been pasted, correct amount of fee has been put in, passport is valid for the required duration, check the validity of your credit card and are they widely accepted in Cambodia, make sure that you take proper amount of money with you, check departure timing before leaving to airport.

  • 8

    Things allowed for tourists to take along with them

    To get detail of those things which you can take with you while visiting Cambodia, you must contact embassy to know about the things that are not allowed in Cambodia and the things you can take with you and how much quantity you can take.

    Further you can contact your airline to get information about number of brief cases that you can take, weight of luggage and types of medicines etc.

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