How to Get Djibouti Tourist Visit Visa from London

Djibouti is an African country bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. In spite of having vast tracts of arid land, the coastal plains, the volcanic plateaus and mountain ranges of Djibouti have many worth while locations to attract British tourists. Another attraction is for businessmen who are enticed by the business prospects in the country that serve as a gateway from the Arab world to the Africa. However, Britons visiting for pleasure can check out Lake Assal, which is 35 percent more saline than the Dead sea and thus,  the saltiest body on earth. Britons can also see the wonderful Mocha and Maskali islands, lake Abbe with limestone chimneys and various beaches. If you have a plan to break away from the busy schedule of London, then prepare for a holiday in the different world of Djibouti by going through the step by step how to get a tourist visa for Djibouti from London.


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    British Citizens

    British Citizens need a visa to enter Djibouti. The visa is issued by the French consulate in London UK.
    Consulate of France in London, United Kingdom

    Other nationalities

    All nationalities require a visa to enter Djibouti. The visa is issued by the French Consulate in London which represents Djibouti along with a few other African countries.

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    Visa Requirements

    An individual has to register on TIscontact's website before filling out their form to get a checklist of the documents that need to be submitted.  Tlscontact is an organization to which the French Consulate has outsourced their Visa processing matters. The documents required varies from case to case. However, some generic documents that may be required are mentioned below:

    a) A valid passport
    b) Proof of Funds to finance your stay in Djibouti
    c) Proof of accommodation,Airline tickets or itinerary
    d) Completely filled and signed application form


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    Submission of Visa Application

    You have to personally visit the Tlscontact office in 0rder to apply for a Djibouti visa in London.

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    Visa Processing and fees

    The visa should be applied for 20 working days before the departure is due to avoid any inconvenience, while the visa application can be submitted to the office even before 90 days of departure.

    The visa fee can be known from the Tlscontact or French consulate. Als0, 23.33 GBP service fee is charged by Tlscontact.

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    Collection of Visa

    You should visit the Tlscontact office to collect your passport after visa processing is done.

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    Final checklist of things to take to Djibouti

    Below is a checklist of things to take to Djibouti.

    a) Cash or valid credit card
    b) Sunblock and sunglasses and water bottle
    c) Maps of city and other locations to explore
    d) Mosquito repellent lotion or cream

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