How to Get Face Fat

You will see several people who have lost their good looks after going through extended illness or weight loss. The impact of long a illness and weight loss can be seen clearly on the faces of such people as they start looking thin and swallow. Due to this, many people come under great stress and try different things to enhance their facial features. These desperate measures, although bring life back on their faces, but at the same time, their other body parts gain weight like the tummy, hips etc. The consumption of fats to gain weight on the face not only makes such people look fat overall, but also causes health problems. Therefore, if you want to gain weight on your face, always try to eat foods that have healthy fats. More importantly, consult your physician before making any move to gain fat to avoid health complications. You can also take this article under consideration to get face fat in a healthy way.

Things required to get face fat:
– Fruits and fruit juices
– Vegetables
– Olive oil
– Peanut Butter
– Haddock
– Salmon


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    In order to get face fat take fruit juices and eat fresh fruits as much as you can. The reason for ranking fruits as number one choice is because vegetables are not that high in calories in comparison to them, but this does not mean that they are not essential for health. The best fruits which you can consume to get face fat are grapefruit, oranges and apricot. The reason for consuming fruits is that they have healthy calories, which a body can easily or naturally absorb.

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    Facial Exercises

    To get a fuller appearance of your face and work up face muscles, adapt a facial exercise regime. In this case, facial yoga is considered extremely ideal to get face fat as it is also becoming a substitute for costly treatments. Facial yoga is done by maintaining the forehead in order to purse the lips and blow kisses at the same time.

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    Healthy Fats

    Face fat can also be gained by including healthy fats in the diet. You will find these healthy fats in olive oil and peanut butter. With the inclusion of these fats you can put weight on your face healthily. However, strictly avoid bad fats which you can you gain by eating fast food and processed meals. This kind of food will increase bad fats on your hips and belly and it can also result in health complications.

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    You can also consume proteins up to 4 oz about two to three times in a single day to get face fat because it is an important building block. Protein helps in making lean muscle mass in a positive way with healthy fats. The ideal foods to get protein are haddock, salmon and other fishes that live in cold water.

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