How to Get Fast Hand Speed in Boxing

In martial arts and various other sports including boxing, hand speed is predetermining factor. According to experienced boxers, anyone can increase the speed of impact after following the principles and regular training.

Everyone wants to be strong in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. This raises the question of how to develop the force of impact. The strength of the impact of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson’s arm is still legendary.

Boxing is one of the toughest sports. Every boxer has a deep down desire to knock down his opponent with a good speed of the hand.


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    The force of the impact depends on muscle condition. The first thing you need to learn is the basics of boxing techniques before properly hitting an opponent. So, it makes sense to increase the speed and force of impact. Thus, one should begin the process with a warm-up. Stretch the arms, shoulders, chest muscles and legs. So, you should first try to learn how to hook. Then to increase the lower impact, you should try practicing uppercut.

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    After this brief excursion, you can start the exercises for increasing the speed of the arms. The first exercise for increasing the direct impact is push-hands. This exercise stimulates the triceps muscle, which are at the core muscles for speed and force of impact.

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    We now move on to the second exercise - push-ups with your fists. To do this, put your fists together under the middle of the chest. Next, perform push-ups in the wide positions. In this exercise, you will strengthen the chest muscles in addition to the hand muscles. So, we can increase the power and speed of a side impact by pumping up the chest muscles, respectively.

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    Now, take a dumbbell weighing around 2-3 pounds. Start with low weight objects to avoid any damage to the joints.

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    Grab a rope and start to jump. It is desirable you do this exercise for more than 3 minutes. In this exercise, we can increase the strength of calf and foot muscles to learn how to hold your ground while punching. If you do not have the rope, you can jump without it.

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    Next you need to learn how to increase the speed of punches. Some coaches recommend using a speed bag. It not only allows you to increase hand speed but it can also develop your timing.

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