How to Get First Rank in Class

Earning first position in class is not as easy as it appears to be; therefore, it is of utmost importance that you work hard and try to achieve your goal. There are numerous things that can halt your progress, but you must be determined and committed to achieving your goal. Most people underestimate the importance of the hard work that is required to achieve this goal, and end up putting off their studying until the night before the exam, leading to disastrous consequences. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you plan well and work hard to get first rank in class.


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    Increase your class participation

    The most important thing is to get the attention of the class teacher and for this, you should start participating in the class. Some students are quite hesitant and are afraid of participating in the class. It is strongly advised that you should not just sit in the class but answer the questions that are asked by your teacher or add something valuable to the lecture. You must emerge as a leader in the class and for this, you can debate on the issues being studied with the teacher or with your fellow class mates.

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    Complete your homework in time

    You should also complete your homework in due time and never submit your work after the due date. If you are facing any trouble while completing your homework, you should feel free to ask the teacher and make sure that all of it is completed in the right manner.

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    Do extra reading

    Apart from your course material, you should also read some extra things to increase your knowledge. This will not only improve your knowledge, but you will also be able to improve your class participation.

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    Take help from someone who knows more

    If at any point, you need help from a particular person who knows more than you, you should not hesitate and ask the person right away. Most people miss the opportunity by not taking benefit from the experiences of others, and then suffer later on. Thus, it is of considerable importance that you talk to the person as soon as possible.

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    Keep your body fit

    You should never allow yourself to get out of shape. It is strongly advised that you keep yourself engaged in physical activity along with your studies, as this is the key to mental fitness.

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