How to Get Free Anti-Virus Protection

An anti-virus programme is an extremely smart software that can scan your computer for unknown and known threats. Modern day anti-virus programmes have the ability to scan downloaded files and folders, email attachments or even websites that behave unusually. Furthermore, an anti-virus programme protects your personal information and data from internet thieves. Using your computer without a decent anti-virus programme will be foolish, considering how much damage a virus can cause to your system. Although there are numerous anti-virus programmes available on the internet, there are some easy methods you can follow to get free anti-virus protection for your computer.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have Microsoft Security Essentials installed onto your computer. This can be done by opening your preferred web browser i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome and downloading the product for free.

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    Microsoft Security Essentials is a very powerful anti-virus programme which works well on the Windows operating system. Active memory scanning and automated scanning are few of the many features included.

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    Next, consider downloading and installing PC Tool antivirus application for free. Visit the PC Tool official website. Find the product and services pages and download the product for free. PC Tools antivirus is also compatible with Windows operating system. Features offered by this application include real time scanning, automatic updates, phishing scanning, virus protection and automatic updates. These automatic updates are useful in the fact it keeps your anti-virus programme up to date with the latest virus definitions.

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    Clam Win anti-virus is another useful programme that can be downloaded free of cost. In addition to being reliable and user friendly, Clam Win anti-virus provides the best backward compatibility. So if you are using Microsoft Windows 2000, 98, 95 or previous versions, you can install this programme. Features available include fixed time scanning, automated updates, email attachment scanning and phishing protection.

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    There are other free anti-virus programmes available but you will have to do your research to find the one that best suits your needs. Always remember that most anti-virus programmes available offer a free trial period, after which you have to pay to use it. Use the internet and you will find quite a few decent anti-virus programmes that are completely free.

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