How to Delete Nail.Exe File

Deleting a nail.exe file from your system can prove very helpful as you will finally get a pop-up free system. The nail.exe file is a kind of adware file that creates massive pop-ups, giving an unpleasant experience to the users. The file not only generates too much of pop-ups but it also keeps track of the browsing history of an individual. It also edits your desktop settings and those of the Internet Explorer. In order to delete this file from your system, you must be very thorough and careful.


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    Turn off System Restore

    If your system is contaminated, you must turn off the system restore immediately. Make sure that you do not turn on the restore until this bug is deleted from your system. To turn off the system restore, you must go to the control panel and select the ‘file system’ option from ‘performance tab’ of the ‘System’. You will be required to uncheck the option of ‘system restore’ and save the settings.

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    Re-boot your computer

    After you have disabled the system restore, you must re-boot your computer and make sure that you start it in a safe mode. For this, you must not forget to hit ‘F8’after the system starts. Do not forget to press the button immediately after the logo of your windows appears on the screen.

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    Check Aurora in your installed programs list

    Now, you must check whether Aurora is installed in your computer or not. For this, you must go to the control panel and double click on Add/Remove programs. Now check in the list and remove it if it is visible otherwise continue to the next step.

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    Take help from the windows search

    Now you must go to the start menu and type ‘nail.exe’ to locate it in your system. It is important that you search the whole hard drive for it and do not limit your search to a specific location. After you have typed the words, you must press enter to initiate the search and delete all the files that appear in your search.

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    Open the task manager

    You can also take help from the windows task manager to kill any Aurora processes that are working on your system. For this, you must press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously. After the program is located you must click on ‘End Process’ to get rid of the program.

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