How to Add My Computer to Your Windows 7 Taskbar

The people who like quick access to their computers are always inspired to add their “My Computer” icon to the taskbar so that they could start their business with just one click.

Windows XP does not allow you to add the complete folder to the taskbar however, Windows 7 offers this utility to its users. While using Windows 7, you can add “My Computer” quick link to the taskbar, which allows you quick access to network drives.

This practice does not require a high level of expertise as it is very simple to add the icon to your computer’s taskbar.

Note that My Computer will appear as a Computer icon in Windows 7 and it will not be added to the taskbar by default so these steps are necessary to take.


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    - Click Right mouse button on the taskbar of your Windows
    - Select “toolbars” and click “new toolbar”
    - A new window will open, Select My computer on the left pane of the properties window
    - Press “Select Folder”, it will add My Computer shortcut to the taskbar of your Windows

    These steps should be relatively simple for you even if you are new to Windows 7. However, if you do not understand these steps then you may want to ask someone with a little more experience to give you a helping hand.

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    This is the simplest way to add “My Computer” to the taskbar. Now “My Computer” has been added to your taskbar and you can start your work with very first click at anytime. If you have followed the steps properly you should not have any problems with this method.

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    If you face any difficulties then retry the above mentioned steps but be sure to take your time and not miss any of the steps. If you are still having some issues then you can search in the Help section of Windows 7 for any advice that might be present. If you are still having trouble performing this task then you can always go online and visit one of many different forums or websites that might be able to provide some help for you. If you can't find what you are looking for then you might want to post your own question for a quick response by an expert. You might even find an easier way to do the same task as there are usually different methods to do the same things in Windows 7.

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