How to Get Free Refills at Starbucks

It is impossible to believe but yes with the increased competition, Starbucks is providing the opportunity to its valuable customers to gain free refills. In most cases, the customers have even claimed that the second cup of the coffee is much better than the first one, but it can because it was free. Not to mention, the Starbucks has a vast customer base who are extremely loyal and they surely do not want to lose them, therefore they have introduce the facility of free refills to their customers.


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    Know the details

    It is always recommended that before trying to avail anything, an individual must gather the relevant and full information as you might have to fulfil certain requirements and the option might not be available to you at the spot. Therefore, in order to avail the free refill option, you must gather all the information about the offer. To retain and extend its customer base, Starbucks has offered the free refill facility on any type of coffee or drip drinks. It does not matter what is your favourite flavour, you can avail another refill of the same without any trouble.

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    Get your Starbucks card

    In order to avail the free refill option, you must make sure that you have your Starbucks card. It is a type of Starbucks gift card that can be obtained from any Starbucks store. The card provides you with the opportunity to put any value of your choice, so feel free to put any value from $1 to $100 according to your pocket.

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    Order your coffee

    After obtained your gift card, you must go to the Starbucks store and place an order for the coffee of your choice. If you drink coffee too much then you must order a large size coffee, keeping in mind that you are about to avail an extra one of the same size. After the order is place, you must pay for your drink and tell them that you have the card and will be coming to them for the free refill.

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    Go back to the counter

    After you have finished your first cup of the coffee, you must walk to the counter with your free card and ask for the refill. For this, you might be asked by the person over the counter to swipe your card as they want to update the inventory.

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