How to Get Guernsey Tourist Visit Visa from London

The Guernsey in an island which is originally an overseas territory of United Kingdom but has been separated from it now. It is termed as a VAT free jurisdiction, so it is a source of great attraction for people who go there for shopping. The island has a moderate climate i.e. mild winters and warm summers. The official language of Guernsey is English, so you don’t need to worry about language barrier issues if you are traveling from UK and only speak English. In order to travel to Guernsey, you need to have a passport. And European Union citizens who have a valid ID card don’t need to have a visa, rather a valid ID card will suffice to travel there. If you will be visiting from countries other than those in the European Union, contact the relevant embassies for further information regarding immigration or visas.


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    If you are a UK national, you should contact the following address of the passport office which is located in London square:

    Passport Office

    Tourist, business and transit visas are issued by them.

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    Following people don’t need to apply for a visa:

    a) People having multiple entry visitor's visa for UK
    b) Permanent residents (ILR)
    c) Those with a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode.

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    But the following people do need to apply for a visa:

    a) People who hold only 6-months visitor visa
    b) Students
    c) Work-permit visa holders living in UK.

    In case you belong to one of the above and are currently in London or some other place in UK, you need to contact the relevant embassy to get a tourist visa for visiting Guernsey.

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    Country travel advice: See the following travel guide "Link" for potential threats and cultural awareness occurring recently in your desired destination.

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