How to Get Home Insurance in London

When you buy your first home in London, it is an exciting and hopeful time. A house represents a permanent place of residence where you will live and raise your family. This important asset needs to be protected from many things including fire, flooding and theft. The best way to hedge against this risk to purchase home insurance. There are so many options out their for home insurance that finding the best fit can seem difficult. There also numerous options to choose from and each can protect your home but making a choice should depend on what is right for your circumstances and budget. Below is a step by step guide to get home insurance in London and should help to ease the process.


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    In order to get insurance for your home, first determine the cost of rebuilding your dwelling. Houses are insured on the basis of cost to replace the structure of the dwelling and not the amount of your mortgage. For that reason, your lender requires the rebuilding cost. Below is the list of few insurance valuators that are offering services in London.

    (a) Capital Chartered Surveyors and Valuers

    (b) Coram James

    (c) Michael Wagstaff Chartered Surveyors

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    As your home’s contents are mostly covered at a percentage of the value of your home’s structure. Therefore, you will need to increase the covered amount or buy other policies to secure your contents. For that reason, make a list of inventories in your home, take photos of your valuables and calculate the number of artworks, electronics, fur, jewelery and guns (if any).

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    Don’t count your cash in the valuable contents of your home as most of the insurance companies cover up only a very limited amount in case of cash losses. Therefore, its better not to keep cash at home.

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    Then, create a record of safety features in your dwelling. Also seek for the insurance discounts on indoor sprinkler systems and alarms.

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    Before buying an insurance policy it is better to carry out a comprehensive research and acquire different quotations from numerous companies in order to get the best insurance policy. You can do this search by yourself or get an insurance broker to do the job. Insurance broker will acquire quotes on the open market from various companies by keeping your requirements in mind. Below is the list of few insurance companies, if you are looking to search by yourself.

    (a) HCC International Insurance Company PLC

    (b) Lloyd's

    (c) Hiscox

    In case if you are not confident with your own search then, here is a small index of insurance brokers.

    (a) Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers

    (b) Baronsmead Insurance Brokers

    (c) British Insurance Brokers' Association BIBA

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    Usually people prefer to buy their home insurance from the same company which had insured their car, not only to get multiple policy discounts but also to avoid any fraud or scam.

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    However, its better to compare your options. Also not only verify the cost of the insurance but also check coverage and deductibles in the policy.

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