How to Get Belarus Tourist Visit Visa from London

The Republic of Belarus a state enclosed by land, offers great attractions for tourists, which include numerous historic sites along with the natural sceneries. However, there have been series of protests and some terrorism threats were observed in Minsk and other cities of Belarus because of which the authorities advise tourists to obtain valid insurance before entering into the country. These protests and threats effected a lot  to the tourism of Belarus, still every year about 4000 tourists from UK visit the country. Those who are planning to visit the state can consult our guide to get Belarus tourist visit visa from London.

Visit: Embassy Of Belarus


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    Get Visa Application Form

    There are two ways to get your hands on visa application form of Belarus.

    1. Fill it online.

    2. Download it and then fill it.

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    Applicant should mail the following supporting documents along with the visa application form.

    1. Provide at least six months valid passport.

    2. Provide one passport size photograph.

    3. Since this a tourist visa application therefore, applicant should provide a tourist voucher issued by a Belarusian tourist company OR a request by your hotel in black and white OR a printed invitation by a Belarus national, who runs his own tourist lodge or hotel in Belarus along with all the supporting papers to prove his or her ownership.

    4. On arrival, visitors must register at the Belarusian migration office within five days of their trip, which should be issued with a Police stamp. In case the applicant is staying in a hotel then, it can be arranged by the hotels services.

    5. All visitors should obtain a valid medical insurance before travelling to the Republic of Belarus, as it is mandatory, apart from the British citizens. Visitors can buy insurance certificate at the Belarusian border. This insurance certificate shouldn’t be submitted with the embassy, as it should be presented to the immigration officer before entering Belarus.

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    Visa Fee and Processing Time

    Visa charges for British nationals for single entry starts from £114.95 and processing time required for it is 5 working days. In case the applicant opts for fast track service it’ll cost him or her £194.95 and will be processed in 2 working days. Charges and processing time period for double entry visa and multiple entries are also alike. For details visit website.

    The validity period of all visa entries is 30 days.

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    Applicants can submit their form along with their supporting documents to The Embassy of Belarus in London. To learn about the means of submission of visa application contact The Embassy of Belarus in London.

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    Mode of Payment

    Payments can be made either by credit card and or by postal order.

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    Receive visa

    It is recommended that applicants should use prepaid self-addressed return mailer for the secure delivery and return of their documents. The Embassy of Belarus remains close on Wednesday.

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