Best Record Shops in London

Though several years have passed since vinyl and cassettes were replaced by CDs and DVDs, but there are still people who prefer buying vinyl records. This is specially true of Londoners, and UK citizens, who prefer calling music shops as ‘record shops’ even though not many sell vinyl records anymore. London, the capital of Britain, has some eminent record shops which not only have the latest collection of music, but they also sell classics and old versions. So if you are a huge fan of music and are confused in selecting the best record shop, then this list will help you in making the right choice.


  • 1

    Gramex; makes browsing the music collection extremely easy and convenient. Besides a wide range of music records, the comfy interior is another reason why people prefer visiting it. The staff members have a wide knowledge about music and so, you will not encounter difficulty while looking for your choice of music.

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    Brill is a fantastic place to buy amazing music and add unique records to your collection. Only CDs are obtainable at Brill. The section of rock music will help you in spotting the best classic music mixed with rock. Beside the mixes, new releases of electric jazz, pop, reggae and country music are also available at Brill.

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    BM Soho - this record shop will help you in finding bleeding-edge dance music and vinyl records. At Junglist Nicky Blackmarket’s store, you will find people related to all age groups queuing up to buy the latest promos.

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    Dress Circle; along with CDs, DVDs are also available at Dress Circle. In the store's basement, a wide range of books' collection and posters of past and present production can also be spotted.

  • 5

    Harold Moores Records will take you back into the golden times with all sorts of genres, whilst the friendly staff members will help you in picking the best records out of a great range of old and new music collection.

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    Flashback is known for selling new as well as second hand collection of musical records. Vinyl records can be found in the basement of Flashback, whereas on the ground floor, collection of CDs is available. The stock is present in a very organized form so customers can easily find the desired music.

  • 7

    Sounds of the Universe; with new records on vinyl and CDs, second hand collection is also obtainable at the Sounds of the Universe. As the name tells, all possible collection of music is available, while a mix of new releases and varieties of Brazilian music will also grab your attention.

  • 8

    Honest Jon's is a legendary record shop where you can find jazz, soul, global, and reggae recorded on CDs and vinyl. You will be astonished by the large collection of music available at Honest Jon.

  • 9

    Phonica’s staff is friendly enough to help you in sorting out the best music from the available stock. Countless racks are present at the store which contain all possible records including old as well as the new ones.

  • 10

    Rough Trade East stepped into the industry in 1986 and since then it has been successful in granting the best quality and unique collection of records to music lovers. 

  • 11

    Intoxica! Besides the music collection, you will be overwhelmed by the interior of Intoxica, the bamboo wall covering, and the tribal masks. While searching for a classic record, the customers will definitely have a complete feel of the 60’s exotic beat and groovy sound of jazz music.

  • 12

    Out on the Floor has made itself a pioneer in selling guitar rock, 12-inch reggae/’60s soul specialists, vinyl and CDs. Out on the Floor definitely makes your visit to it worth the effort!

  • 13

    On the Beat; is one of those stores where you will find posters of recent and old music legends, along with the general eclectic and vinyl records. You just have to spend 15 minutes through the available stock and you will definitely find what you're looking for.

  • 14

    Revival Records is another record music seller from where old stock, rare vinyl to the latest records, classic drums and bass are sold. Besides selling a unique and eargasmic music collection, they also welcome people to sell CD box sets and limited edition music collection.

  • 15

    Sister Ray is famous for having an extravagant stock of music which includes records of CDs and vinyl. Besides music, you will also find cool T-shirts and informative books.Their staff is completely aware of the available stock which makes customers' search quite easy.

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