How to Select Menu for Pubs & Bars in London

More often than not, people who eat food at a bar or pub use one hand to hold their meal while other for drink. This is not a style infect its a way to enjoy food and drink at the same time. However, this doesn’t mean that the food served in pubs and bars of London, is very fancy but it is appetizing. Because most owners of these pubs and bars are brewers and they focus more on beverages than food items. Therefore, it is always very tricky for a new pub and bar owner to choose a menu for their venue. For such folks here is step by step guide to select a menu for pub and bar.


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    Usually traditional English pubs' menu is divided into two meals:

    (a) Light Meal
    (b) Main Meal

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    Light Meal, usually comprises of sandwiches, light food items that are served with different salads and variety of omelettes.

    Once you have decided the outline of the light meal now carefully select sandwiches, salads, omelettes and other light food items, which guests of your pub and bar can enjoy with beer or other beverages. You can add chicken roast sandwiches and roast beef sandwiches. Apart from this you can make your own specialities by adding different ingredients to regular dishes. Cheese, eggs and bacon are commonly used to make a dish different.

    Light meal can also include chicken wings. You can find wide variety of chicken wings when it comes to serving this food item in your pub and bar.

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    Main Meal, has starters and different platters, comprises of dishes made from fish, shrimps, meat hand pork. Soup is another common starter in any pub and bar. Since steaks are major part of most of the pubs and bars menu in UK so its better not to ignore such an important food item. Steak burger is another highlight of pubs and bars menu.

    Another variety in meat is large joint of shoulder of lamb. This big piece of meat is roasted and served with red wine and fresh garden mint.

    Apart from that you can include traditional food of English pubs and bars in the menu i.e. shepherd's pie and fish and chips. Londoners love to have these three things in menu which they can eat with one hand and enjoy their beer with other hand.

    Last but not least pasta can also be included in the menu as more and more people are becoming of this dish that is now cooked with different styles.

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    As far as drinks of a pub and bar are concerned, include the most beloved drink of Londoners, bitter. This drink is dark in appearance and heavier than lager. Don’t forget to add Britain's wine to your drinks list. As British vineyards are producing some of the finest wines in the world, which have two types sparkling white and bodied red wine.

    As far as none alcoholic beverages are concerned, add soft drinks, coffee and tea to that list.

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