How to Get in touch with your Emotions

Emotions are basically your responses to different experiences. They can be love, hate, anger, happiness, trust, fear, sorrow, grief and the list goes on. Sometimes people confuse ones’ mood to emotions. You should bear in mind that this is not the case. Moods and emotions, although related, are two different things,.

Usually emotions sprout for a short period of time where as moods are for a longer durations. For example, if you are in a sad mood, then you will stay in that particular frame of mind for lets say a few hours. As far as the emotions go, remember the feeling of when you won your first sports prize, or when you felt bad when somebody hurt you. These are all feelings that sting you and then fade away as the thinking process takes over.

Getting in touch with your feelings or emotions is not something feminine. Although it is fairly easier for women to do so, it does not exactly mean that men should not try and get in touch with their feelings. It is actually a very humane thing to do and is one of those characteristics that differentiates humans from animals.

Having said that, our social lives and responsibilities somehow overshadow the basic nature and emotions, and gradually we all become routine oriented robots. There are however ways in which we can strike back and the best part is that all it takes is a bit of commitment.


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    Try and find out the source of the problem. Dig deep inside of you and find out exactly what is bothering you. There might be certain things that you expect from yourself, things that you cannot fulfill due to your line of work or your hectic routine.

    Make sure you get to the bottom of your problem because remember if you do not keep a clear head then everything will bother you at some point of time.

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    Do not let things get to your head. Keep a composed and calm attitude in high pressure situations. Do not let things aggravate you and get the best out of you because you are better than that. There will be times when your patience will be tested. Stay intact with your feelings and you will soon realize that you have complete control over yourself and your emotions.

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    Physical exercise helps tremendously. You not only keep your body fit but also your mind. And the way to a healthy body is a healthy mind. Do not lose sight of your goal. Be the person that you are. Do not let people or situations get the better of you. Be patient with yourself and give yourself some breathing space.

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    Try meditation. It gives you ample time to concentrate and explore your world.

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