How to Get Job at House of Lords

Working in a central government department has always allured people, not only because of the attractive salaries, but also because of other benefits that are associated with this kind of job. Due to similar reasons, being a member of the staff of the House of Lords is considered as one of the best jobs in the British capital. Every year, several people apply for various jobs in the House of Lords. The job vacancies include technicians, visitors’ assistants, caterers, business managers, door keepers and etc. Since House of Lords is one of the busiest chambers, therefore the number of staff members is also quite high so job openings also keep appearing from time to time. If you are looking to get a job at the House of Lords then get to know the procedure in this step by step guide.

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    The House of Lords Human Resources Office

    The House of Lords Human Resources Office is responsible for receiving curriculum vitae of the candidates. In addition to this, the main role of the Human Resources Office is to advertise jobs to fill vacancies or announce new job openings. Therefore, aspirants who are willing to work at the House of Lords should get in touch with the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office will provide them necessary information; for instance how to apply, which vacancies are open for new hiring and much more.

    In addition to this, applicants can also get the applications pack from the Human Resources Office or interested people can email a request to receive it. The email address is mentioned below. However, ensure that you've stated the post you're applying for when sending the e-mail.


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    Application Form

    Interested candidates can also download the application form. Complete the House of Lords job application form and send it in Adobe Acrobat format (as a .pdf file).

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    Current Vacancies Available

    In order to find out about the current available vacancies in the House of Lords, click here. In case if there are no current job openings in the House of Lords and people are interested in working with some other central government department then visit other websites.

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