How To Get License For Day Care In London

If you are planning to open a licensed child care center in London then you are coming to a correct point and if it is not then look forward to this idea. If your center is registered it will be beneficial for you in all ways, because licensed day care centers has more demand than the non licensed ones. Besides that in future if any sort of issue or incident occurs you will have the right to discuss it with the authorities. Likewise all other states London has its own rules and regulations but the main aim is to provide full protection to the kids and make sure that they are being taken care in the similar manner as anyone would care for his own child.


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    The process starts by visiting a license agency who will not only properly guide you but they will be evaluating you and the place where you have opened the day care center. There are several day care centers in London few are mentioned below:

    a) Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

    b) DVLA Wimbledon

    c) The Licensing Agency

    d) CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)

    e) Golden Goose Ltd

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    You will be given an application form to fill in all relevant information which includes your personal information as well. You will have to pen down your contact information, details about the place where the day care center is opened, does it have play grounds and medical facility along with hygienic food. According to accommodation what is the number of children and how many members are there in the staff will be asked. Last but not the least the financial resources information is also required.

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    Once you have submitted the form then you will have to pay a specified fee which will be told to you in the beginning.

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    After completing the paper work a team from the licensing agency will visit your day care center for survey and to check whether the place is according to the information provided in the documents or it is not. The reason for evaluation is to make sure that the entire environment of the day care center along with the facilities being provided to the children compliance with the rules or not. They will also have a detail discussion with the children and their parents along with the staff members.

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    After inspection they will let you know the date when they will announce their result and after acquiring the license you will be asked to submit an annual fee every year before the annual date arrives.

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