How to Get Mauritius Tourist Visit Visa from London

Mauritius Botanical Garden, Blank River Gorges National, IIe aux Cerfs Islands, Port Louis, Trou aux Cerfs, Gabriel Island and Chamarel Waterfalls are some of the locations that attract thousands of tourists to this wonderful country. Mauritius hosts tourists from all across the World for its spectacular landscapes, gorgeous beaches and rich culture and traditions. To make a tour to Mauritius is easy for the UK Passport holders because Mauritius does not ask for the Visa. Mauritius also offer tourist visit visa to the nationals of many other countries but there are countries the residents of which need to obtain a visa before making trip to the country. This step by step guide will help those who want to get a Mauritius tourist visit visa from London and are not UK national.

Visit: Mauritius High Commission


  • 1

    Visa Exempted Countries

    The passport holders of the following countries do not need a visa to enter into Mauritius.

    Antigua and Barbuda, Namibia, Australia, Nauru, Austria, Netherlands, Bahamas, New Zealand, Bahrain Norway, Barbados, Oman, Belgium, Papua, New Guinea, Belize, Portugal, Botswana, Qatar, Brunei, Darussalam, Samoa (Western), Canada, San Marino, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Seychelles, Dominica Sierra Leone, Finland Singapore, France, South Africa, Gambia Solomon Islands, Germany (United) Spain, Ghana, St Christopher, Nevis, Greece St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent & Grenadines, Guyana, Sweden, Hong Kong Switzerland, Ireland, Tanzania, Israel, Tonga, Italy, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Tunisia, Japan, Turkey, Kenya, Tuvalu, Kiribati Uganda, Kuwait United Arab Emirates, Lesotho, United Kingdom, and Dependent territories, Liechtenstein, United States of America, Luxemburg, Vanuatu, Malawi, Vatican, Malaysia, Zambia, Maldives, Zimbabwe, Malta, Monaco, Mozambique.

    The Nationals of the India, People’s Republic of China, Jordan and Lebanon do not need visa for fifteen days only for tourist purpose if they satisfy the following conditions:

    (a)    Have a valid passport
    (b)   Valid confirmed return ticket
    (c)    Confirmed booking for accommodation.
    (d)   Evidence of sufficient funds of 50 dollars per day

  • 2

    Visa on Arrival

    Passport holders of the following countries will be granted visa on arrival at the Mauritius.

    (a)    Albania
    (b)   Madagascar
    (c)    Bulgaria
    (d)   Romania
    (e)   Comoros
    (f)     Armenia
    (g)    Azerbaijan
    (h)   Belarus
    (i)      Kazakhstan
    (j)     Kyrgyzstan
    (k)    Moldova
    (l)      Russian Federation
    (m) Tajikistan
    (n)   Turkmenistan
    (o)   The Ukraine
    (p)   Uzbekistan and
    (q)   Georgia

    The Nationals of the following countries can get a visa on arrival for maximum of three months:

    (a)    Argentina
    (b)   Brazil
    (c)    Chile, and
    (d)   Paraguay

    The residents of the all other countries should obtain a visa before entering into the Mauritius.

  • 3

    Application Form

    You can obtain application form by writing an application to the Mauritius High Commission in London. You need to attach a stamped envelope bearing your name and address to receive back an application form.

  • 4


    Once you get application form, fill it and attach the following documents with your application package.

    (a)    Completed visa application form duly signed by the applicant.
    (b)   Passport that should be valid for at least six months on the time of application.
    (c)    Recent passport size photographs that should be in light colour background.
    (d)   Return Ticket.
    (e)   Bank Statement clearly showing that you can bear the expenses of your trip to the Mauritius.
    (f)    Visa application fee.

  • 5

    Visa Fee

    Visa Fee is different for the residents of different countries. You can consult with the Mauritius High commission in London to know about the updated visa fee need to submit for the Mauritius visa. High Commission will also guide you where to submit Visa fee. You can also submit visa fee by making a Postal Order to the name of the “Mauritius High Commission in London”.

    Locate Nearest Post Office in London.

  • 6

    Check List

    Before you submit your application, you need to check it for the correction. You need to attach the following documents with your application to avoid delays and inconvenience.

    (a)    Your application form should be completely filled. Fill out each place which is required by the High Commission.
    (b)   Attach only recent passport size photograph that should resemble the current features of your face.
    (c)    Visa fee is submitted or Postal Order has been made.
    (d)   Bank Statement is accurate.
    (e)   Hotel booking has been attached.

  • 7

    Submission of Application

    You can submit your application in person or by post. If you want to submit your application in person, you need to visit the visa section of the Mauritius High Commission in London between 9:00 to 13:00. If you want to submit by post, you should use registered mail service and send stamped, prepaid, self-addressed delivery envelope to receive visa back.

  • 8

    Processing Time

    Applications are processed within five working days. However, the time may be change for specific applications.

  • 9

    Collection of Visa

    If you submit your application in person, you need to collect it by making a physical appearance in Visa section of the Mauritius High Commission in London. You can collect it from 16:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

    If you submit your application by post, your visa will be sent back to you in the stamped, prepaid, self-addressed envelope that you sent with your application package.

  • 10

    Things Allowed to Carry

    You can take normal household things, music players, laptop, cameras, sun glasses and other materials of daily usage. However, you cannot take any illegal drug or weapon in the territory of Mauritius.

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