How to Get Microsoft Office 2007 Free

There can be numerous reasons why a person would want to get Microsoft Office 2007 for free. Usually it is due to the fact that a person does not enough money to purchase the software but really needs to the program. It does not matter if you have the monetary resources to purchase the program or not, you can always obtain Microsoft Office 2007 for free, at least for a limited time. In order to facilitate their customers, Microsoft offers a limited time trial-free package. During these days, a customer can take advantage of all of the Microsoft Office 2007 features for a maximum of two months and then he/she will have to purchase the license to continue using it.


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    Identify your needs

    It is of utmost importance that you should first identify your needs. Microsoft Office contains prominent programs like Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. It is important that you should determine which software you need the most as you might be able to get just that one. It will also save you downloading time that will be required to install the whole program. Nevertheless, if you want to gain familiarity with the entire Microsoft Office 2007, of course you will then be required to download the complete package.

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    Connect your computer to the internet

    After you have decided what you want, you must turn on your computer and connect it to the internet. It is important that your internet connection must work properly otherwise you will not be able to search and download the free trial version of Microsoft Office 2007.

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    Run the search operation

    After you have ensured that your computer it is connected to the internet, you must open your favourite search engine and type the keywords like "free Microsoft Office 2007". This will list down all the available options for the free trial version of Microsoft Office.

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    Download the program

    You must open your desired link to download the program on your hard drive. Note that the Microsoft also offers a free trial version as well. After you have opened the link, you must click on ‘download’ to save it on the location of your choice.

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    Install it

    You must wait for the download to complete and install it afterwards. Once installed you can enter your details and your free trial period for Microsoft Office 2007 will start.

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