How to Get New Caledonia Tourist Visit Visa from London

New Caledonia an overseas territory of France and is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia and north of New Zealand. British tourists who are used to visit New Zealand should make some time and visit the island to get a unique view of the Pacific culture. Most visitors are charmed by the beautiful coastline and enjoy sailing, diving, fishing, snorkeling and windsurfing in the gorgeous sea surrounding the country. Visitors from the united kingdom are also fascinated by the beautiful coral reefs and the spectacular Unesco world heritage tropical lagoons of New Caledonia. Exploring the Kanak culture and the architecture of New Caledonia adds to the list of wonderful experiences for tourists coming from London. If you want to visit the serene and gorgeous New Caledonia, then follow our step by step tourist visa guideline to get your entry permits and start your trip.


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    British Citizens

    British Citizens do not need a visa to enter New Caledonia. Other arrangement of British passport holders should confirm entry requirements in New Caledonia with the French Diplomatic mission.  There is no minimum passport validity requirement but it is to be made sure that the passport is valid at least for the proposed period of your stay.

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    Other nationalities

    Citizens of other countries should contact Tlscontact or the French embassy in UK to get a visa for New Caledonia. Tlscontact is an organization to which the French embassy has outsourced its visa processing matters. A schengen visa would not help entry in New Caledonia.

    Visit: Tlscontact


    Visit: French Consulate in London, UK

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    Visa Requirements

    You have to register on the website of Tlscontact and fill out their form in order to get an individualized documents checklist. The documents required varies from case to case. However, some generic documents required are mentioned below:

    a) A valid passport
    b) Proof of Funds to finance your stay in New Caledonia
    c) Proof of accommodation,Airline tickets or itinerary
    d) Completely filled and signed application form

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    Applying for Visa

    You have to visit the Tlscontact office to apply for a visa to New Caledonia. They will collect your information at the spot and completion of information collection process, they will give you a date for visa collection.

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    Visa Processing and fees

    It is  suggested that you apply at least 20 working days before departure. Also, You can not submit visa application more than 90 days before your departure date.

    The visa fee range between 7.5 GBP to 100GBP. Als0, 23.33 GBP service fee is charged by Tlscontact. For updated fees or categories given exemption or relaxation in visa fees and other categorizations visit the Tlscontact website.

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    Collection of Visa

    You should visit the Tlscontact office for the collection of your passport after visa processing is done.

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    Final checklist of things to take along

    Below is s checklist of things to take along for visiting New Caledonia.

    a) All necessary documents mentioned in Step 2
    b) Cash or valid credit card
    c) water bottle
    d) Maps of city and other locations to explore
    e) french language guide book because mostly people speak French.
    f)  Water shoes

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    Tips and Precautions for tourists before visiting New Caledonia

    The following precautions are suggested for a safe visit to New Caledonia.

    a) Visit your physician to take vaccines or immunizations
    b) Confirm any abnormality in weather forecasts
    c) Check with your insurance company about their travel insurance coverage
    d) Passport must be carried all the time (while traveling into the country)
    e) You will not be allowed to work on a tourist visa in New Caledonia

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